Read all about it! Our Testimonies are seen and heard here at The Kingdom Church and sent in worldwide to Bishop Climate Ministries.  Read all about the many miracles that people have experienced and celebrate these testimonies with us. And as you read these testimonies pouring in may the Lord use them to extend your Faith so that the same can be done for you! In Jesus Name Amen. 

Fire Service Healing!

" Bishop I heard about the Fire Service from Television. For 10 years I was fighting a court case for my compensation and it took a toll on my health and finances. I brought those court papers with me to the service . I followed the prayer that you did. Then as I walked to put them on fire I felt a strange tremor all over my body. I knew something was going on. This Last Week I received a letter saying that I must be granted my full money within 60 days including all interest for 10 and half years. Thank you Jesus! Today I am bringing all my Medical and diagnosis Letters to burn "


Unforgettable Healing

" Thank you Dr Jennifer for Ladies On Fire and This Unforgettable Woman Conference with powerful guest speakers! Here is my unforgettable testimony! I was so confused that I didn’t want to attend this conference, but the holy spirit encouraged me and I have ended up coming since the first day. The women of God ministered to me prophesying and laying hands on me. This morning Dr. Jennifer I woke up sweating heavily and for sure I know I have my unforgettable miracle of healing! "

S.E, London

Unforgettable Deliverance

" Bishop this has been an Unforgettable Week for me, that I will never forget! While the praise and worship was going on and the praise and worship leader was leading and ministering I felt a pain like I was being knocked out! It went across the side of my face and I had to go to the back. I began chocking and vomiting at the same time being delivered. My whole body went cold. Some of the pastors were there praying for me and Bishop came and prayed for me and anointed me and anointed my ears and I felt a pop come out from ears and now every pain in my body is gone and now even my hearing is crystal clear! I just know that I have been set free! " 

R.W, London

$100 Blessing!

" Hi Bishop already when I woke up this morning I had an expectation and you said in Sunday’s service to look for the Angels to do something for us by tomorrow. Well I’m here to testify, as my niece has been staying with us and as she was leaving out for work she closed the door and locked it. She ended up coming back and said here Auntie and placed something in my hands. When I opened my hands I couldn’t believe it!!! She’s in need and she put money in my hands. $100.00 that was needed! Bishop Climate it’s the blessing just like you said!!!I thank God as my hands are open to receive Amen!!! Love you Bishop thank you for continually labouring over us in prayer!! I’m even expecting more blessings and great news! "


Miracle Cloth Favour!

” Hi Bishop! I have two incredible testimonies to share. I had an important interview in regards to the status of my pending marriage. I was consistently praying and was dipping my documents into the miracle pool. Bishop a few Sunday’s ago you introduced The Miracle Cloth. The night before I dreamt and the Holy Spirit revealed to me I would be given something to use and gave me specific instructions on how to use it. I didn’t know the next day I would have been given The miracle cloth. The following week I had my appointment I brought all my documents with me and placed the miracle cloth inside of it. The woman I had the interview with, was so helpful she greeted me like me and her were friends! During the interview she pulled apart my documents and saw the cloth and handed it back to me. From then on the interview was a success! So we proceeded win wedding plans. Soon after I had a terrible toothache. It was my wisdom tooth, it was so painful I even called the ambulance and they said to book an emergency appointment. The wedding was approaching fast so I decided to do something different I took the miracle cloth and chewed it believing by faith. The pain subsided already and when I pulled out the miracle cloth it was covered in a brown bloody substance. When I attended the emergency appointment they checked and they was nothing left there to remove. They couldn’t find anything wrong! Thank God as I was able to get married I thank God!” 

- Mrs K.T, London

Powerful Fire Miracle Service!

” Hello Bishop, am so delighted communicating to you! God is so wonderful and you have been my source of inspiration. Last week Friday you said to write down all your problems and bring them to the miracle fire place. Well am here to testify that God indeed exists. can you believe that despite me being in Uganda I had faith. I wrote my prayer list on a piece of paper and burnt them whilst praying, I  believed that God was burning those problems and setting me free. I have prayed for a job, for financial breakthrough and for my marriage. After the Fire service something happened the person who previously promised me a job sent me a message that he is coming back to Kampala to attend to me, he told me that he is in charge! And a family member just promised to send me money this week. I know I serve a living God, indeed my Redeemer lives, no matter the distance God hears our prayers and faith indeed moves mountains, thank you so much and continue praying for me as I receive my miracle. Thank God for using you to inspire us.”

- Ms C.A,Uganda

Employment Favour!

"Hello Bishop , I Just thank God for what he has done in my life. I thank God for your ministry as God has opened a door of an employment at Pepsi company in the USA. I just started 2 weeks ago I would like to be grateful for his faithfulness! "


Miracle Pool Accomodation!

“ Bishop I thank God for your life and for this ministry. Before I came to this church everything in my life was just turning bad as soon I stepped into this church I can see my life start changing round. I had a situation where I was almost being thrown out from the place I was living. One Sunday I came to The Miracle Pool and went into the pool and kneeled down. When I went home I hanged up my clothes on the door believing God that I wouldn’t be removed from this place until I found another place to live. A few days later I was told I can stay! Now I have been offered new accommodation to live outside London! I’m so happy! Thank God! ” 

- Ms D.H , London

Relationship Restoration!!!

"Hi Bishop I thank God for this ministry! You know for over five years I haven’t spoken to my ex husband. So many things took place in my marriage and after I came to this ministry I felt it was no longer necessary to communicate with him anymore. Even to the fact that I attended my sons graduation with out the need of having contact with my ex with us being in the same room together. Even my kids want us to communicate even my ex has reached out to contact me but I don’t answer. Recently I received a call from my son who was so upset as his Dad was literally dying. I felt an urge to contact him, I have never felt that before. I called him went to his house, I couldn’t believe what I saw i started praying I even called you Man of God and Dr Jennifer to come in agreement with me. I was constantly speaking life to the situation. When we got to the hospital he couldn’t move his left side as he had a stroke I continued to pray and I remembered the teaching that you taught us Bishop about affection and I just started to tell him how much I love him and the good memories we had and after that he started to respond! I really thank God as now he is making a full recovery when it looked like there was no hope." 

- Ms R.P, London

Miracle Pool Breakthrough Court Case!

"Hi Bishop during the last week of the Miracle Pool I was led to attend the church to use The Miracle Pool. I was currently going through the process of a court case and had been experiencing difficulties with rejected documents. I had been struggling to fill out a new claim form prior to using the Miracle Pool. I could not find the right words or order to structure my statement. I had attempted four times to write my statement with no success. Upon using the Miracle Pool, I sowed my seed, as I stepped into the water, it was freezing, I prayed for my breakthrough with this court case and thanked God for what He had done in the past and the present in my life. I even thanked God for what He is yet to do in my future. I stepped out of The Miracle Pool and my legs felt very warm, shortly after, the whole of my body continued to have this warm sensation from my the soles of my feet to my head. The next day I attempted to fill in the Court Case claim form, words started flowing from my mouth and wrote pen to paper with ease and accuracy. WOW I’m truly amazed I know I serve a living God. I thank God for the miracle He had blessed me with. I am amazed and thankful to you Bishop for your teachings, guidance of Gods words and work. In the name of Jesus I receive and they are manifesting! Amen"

Ms D. Brown, Birmingham

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